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On this page, you can find out what help I require unlocking achievements on certain Xbox 360 games.

Can you help? If you wanna know what my gamertag is, please see the "Contact me" page on this site. 

Gel, Set & Match 



Which puzzles can be beaten in less than the par number of moves? If you know which ones, and know how to beat them in less than the par number of moves, please drop me a line! 

Golden Axe (Xbox Live Arcade version, NOT that of SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection)  

Online Co-op 

I haven't found anyone to play this game online with! Do you have this game? Wanna play online? Can you beat the game? If so, we should join for a game some time!

Madden NFL 06 

Rush for 200 yards 

What game setup/strategy do you reccomend for this and how should I go about performing it?