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Hello, my name is Richard Deane Langworthy

I have a life long passion for computer and video games, and I am always willing to express it.

This is my new website, The Chronicles of a Gamer. On it, you can read about experiences I've had as a gamer, what my favorite/least favorite games are, What I hope to do concerning games in the future, and more! I hope you enjoy browsing this site

Site News

May 12th 2010

Just ordered Magical Tetris Challenge for my Nintendo 64 and Super Space Invaders for my SEGA Master System!

May 11th 2010

Finally, after just barely more than a month of waiting, I have FINALLY recieved my eBay purchase in the form of the special Australian silver version of Astérix & The Power of the Gods for my SEGA Mega Drive!

April 2nd 2010

I am back from my vacation in Walt Disney World Florida!

March 22nd 2010

I'm gonna be on vacation in Walt Disney World Florida until the day before Easter Sunday, can't update until then!

March 8th 2010

Hi. Influenced by great games reviewer VGRetro (, I've decided to do my own retro game review series: The Retro Player. Expect the pilot episode on YouTube in April!

March 5th 2010

Hi. I just got another game for my PlayStation: Ridge Racer Revolution!

March 1st 2010

This site is open!